Writers, Producers and Directors’ Jeremie & Stacey Roberts
have their fingers on the pulse of the theater market by
bringing Off Broadway productions to Communities across the United
States. Their hit inspirational stage plays “What’s A
Sistah 2 Do” , “If We Make It Through December” and
“The Divine Inheritance” are  exciting,  funny, socially
conscience, emotionally entertaining, and something the
entire family can enjoy.
The playwrights embarked on this journey nearly ten
years ago performing under Zjae Productions and having
toured several states with audiences being more than
overwhelmingly satisfied with a night of entertainment.
They were called the next big playwrights to sweep
America since giving families an opportunity to take even a
deeper look inside the structure of  family values.
Jeremie and Stacey met in the Richmond,
Virginia Area while Jeremie was performing with his gospel
recording group over years ago and to date they have
become very influential in the theater world through their
hard work, professionalism and dedication.
they have maintained a high-level production so that
audiences and their fans may have an experience of a
lifetime.  Not reinventing the wheel but designing a vehicle
that will give the entire cast a strong production platform.
The scripts for plays are based on the couple’s
own life hardships. Each play carries its’ own
identity. Stories were taken from excerpts of
family members and everyday life experiences.
“What’s A Sistah 2 Do” is a great play, and has
emerged hoping to make its own mark and
earn its rightful place among theater goers.
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